Bricks could be sync with your pinterest account!

Pinterest is a platform dedicated to image lovers like all creative and architecture professionals are. Its ecosystem is flourishing. So why reinvent wheel ?

We think Bricks is useful for those who want to use their inspirations in a active, project based workflow. Pinterest is great to collect inspirations, get followers and publish on social networks.
But what do you do if you want to work on specific stairs in differents projects ? You can create multiple stairs boards ? Here Bricks can help with it’s projects > layers > bricks architecture.


How to setup the sync

This is quite straighforward


  • Note your pinterest username
    If you don’t know it, Pinterest username is the part of the url that follow when you are on your profile page.


  • Fill your pinterest username in the dedicated field


  • It’s done !

How the sync is being done

Wait for the sync to take place, if you have many pins it could last some time. We are checking new items every 30 minutes and import the images progressively, so be patient.

It’s a one way sync at the moment. So all your pins will be automatically synchronised to your Bricks account.

All your pinterest bricks will be created in a project named Pinterest and all boards will be created as layers in that project.

pinterest project

You can then copy more easily your Pinterest Bricks in a current Bricks project.


We plan to improve this feature :

  • by allowing you to choose a subset of you boards to import
    Indeed we often have one pinterest account for different fields of interest. This way you can take with you in Bricks what is important for you work.
  • by having a 2 way sync with pinterest
    Why not share a bricks project in pinterest and having the pins created automatically for you. This could have a great utility.