How to publish a brick under creative common licence

First create a brick with associated content : images, attached files, description…

Creative commons project

Then at the right side of the brick window, you will find a ‘licence’ menu item. Click on it to make visible some licence options.
Creative commons licence tabs

We first ask you if you are the author of the work as it is only allowed to licence your own content. You cannot licence your inspirations images!

Then choose the creative commons options to set the level of authorizations you want to give. For more information about creative commons licences options, check the official site.

When your brick is set with creative commons licence, it will be immediately  be visible in the creative commons search page.
Creative commons architecture bricks

A great way to be more visible on Bricks! Indeed creative commons content attract more interest. It is hassle free to reuse and generally good quality content.

How we plan to improve this feature :

  • be able to track the creative commons bricks usage and view the different version of a brick
  • set categories to improve creative commons bricks searching

Stay tuned! We will keep you informed of our last updates in our  newsletter.

Sébastien Lucas 

Architect / Bricks funder & CEO